Reuse Your Old Books, Make a Purse: Recycle This

A novel way to use old books laying around the house is by making a purse out of it.  One company, Inbound Designs, used this approach to create their own fashion line of book bags appealing mostly toward women.  They want $150 for each one of their custom created book purses, but with a little creativity, we can copy their design and make our own purses and bags from books without having to empty our wallets.

In order to make bags, you will need a book with fairly good binding—this will make the outside of our purse, so it should be in reasonably good shape in order for this project to work. We’ll need to cut all the pages out of the binding in order for this work, and while it might seem like a waste to get rid of those pages,don’t worry—we have a solution for that too.  Look for the upcoming tip, recycling old newspaper and book pages.

You’ll need fabric, paper mache, or a good plastic material for the sides of the bags. Use your creativity to decide what fits best for your book. Make sure to thread this onto the side of the book cover.  Use the picture above as a reference to what your final project should look like.

For the handle, beads work best. Any beads you have left over from arts and crafts project should work. Use a durable string or thread to thread the beads on. In Bound Designs has also used a fastener to close the top of the bag; this can be done by sewing a remaining bead onto one side of the book purse and by sewing a loop on the other end.

Remember, it’s a great chance to get creative. By spending a little extra time, you might end up with a very high quality purse, have reused your old books and materials, and have saved $150 by building your own.

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