Reuse Old Book Pages, Make Fridge Magnets: Green Tip

Reuse your old newspapers and book pages (like the ones you have leftover from the make-a-book-post from earlier today) to make clever magnets. You might have seen those fridge magnets in bookstores that let you create you own poems—basically, they give you a box full of nouns, adjectives, and verbs that you can use to create your own sentences on your fridge. We can create the same effect by reusing our old fridge magnets and newspaper and book pages.

Magnets. If you don’t have some, you will often find free magnets that advertise sporting events, offices, or even law offices.  We can cut these up to use for use for our own custom word fridge magnets.

Words. Cut out words out of books and newspapers, and even whole phrases will work. The stranger the words you cut out, the more fun you can have with your fridge magnets.

Finishing your project. Simply cut the magnets into sizes that fit the cut out words. Usually what works best is first gluing the paper to the magnets and then cutting them out. Super glue works best, but Elmer’s Glue often does the trick.

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