Quickie: Don’t Throw Away Broken Stuff- Send it Back (LifeHacker.com)

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My husband, Mr. Frugal himself, sent this link to a very interesting post on the popular blog Life Hacker.  In the post, the blogger gives tips on how to return broken items, even if you were at fault. It’s amazing the amount of replacement product, free coupons, etc you can get by being nice, honest, and direct.

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  1. Diana Barry Blythe says

    Hi Budget Fashionista,

    I’m reading your book and loving your site!

    Thanks for posting that article; I plan to try it out right now with a pair of high heels.

    Who knows? Maybe I’ll get them back in time to impress the guy who wrote that article (he and I attend the same school).

    I didn’t even know he wrote for blogs! We have common ground. I’m so psyched!


  2. Chloe says

    I am in love with juicy couture velour sweaters, but the stupid “J” zipper you pay for is a complete piece of trash. They break off really easily. After breaking my third one I got so fed up I sent a letter to the company with my sweaters and they came back with a letter of appolgy, fixed zippers and a garmet bag to wash them in so the zippers don’t break off again. Some companies will also send you free stuff just for asking. In tenth grade my computer class wrote to companies doing just that and Vineyard Vines, The North Face and many more sent oodles of goodies. Companies just want to keep good public relations and doing things like giving out free stuff and helping out customers does just that

  3. md says

    I got a Europro sewing machine from Kmart, and it was working fine for almosta year, but then it broke down. I sent it for repairs (without a receipt!!) to Europro and they sent me back a brand new one instead!!!! How cool is that!

  4. ely says

    i have had the same experience with Juicy sweaters and i tried calling them to send me a replacement “J” zipper so i could take it to get fixed and none of the cus. svc reps seem to know how to get that done. Could you post the address you sent the letter to because i cant seem to find one that isnt affiliated with Neiman Marcus on the website. Thanks =]

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