Removing Stains: A Handy Guide for the Holidays

Between Thanksgiving and New Years, there are plenty of opportunities to spill, dribble, splash, and stain your clothes. Instead of tossing the garment and aside from carrying a Tide pen at all times, here is how you can get those pesky blemishes out of your wearables without rendering them rags.

TBF’s Handy Guide to Removing Stains This Holiday

Warm Water. Treat the stain immediately! Wet your napkin, finger, or a towel and dab at the spill.

Then, keep the following on hand (thanks,

— Artificial sweetener

— Distilled white vinegar

— Club soda

— Wine Away (available at most liquor and wine stores)

— Dishwashing liquid

— Mineral spirits

— Rubbing alcohol

— Enzyme detergent

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