Yea or Nay: Reliable of Milwaukee Slipper Boot, $48.00 at

Okay, I admit it…. I used to live in my Ugg boots. They were warm… and comfortable…and I reveled in the fact that I could wear my house shoes as shoes and still be fashionable. The Ugg phenomenon has now left us (please let them go), but there might be a new slipper shoe in town.

Reliable of Milwaukee Boot Slipper: Yea or Nay?

Reliable of Milwaukee, the people who invented the infamous “slipper sock”, some how got to carry their line of “slipper boots”.  Yes, the Reliable boots look like an updated version of those acrylic socks with traction that your mom used to buy you back in the day, but Uggs looked like leather moonboots (which your mom also used to buy you back in the day).  Yes,  the boots don’t rank high on the “cuteness” scale, but that didn’t stop us from spending waaaay to much money on a pair of Uggs. Could the Reliable Slipper Boot be the new Ugg?

Yea or Nay to the Reliable of Milwaukee Slipper Boots?

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  1. says

    Uggs are out?  Rats.  Probably won’t stop me from wearing mine the one day it’s cold here in Phx AZ!  I’m thiking I like the look of these slipper boots!  I can wear them around the house and out if I need…hmm- I’m likeing them!

  2. jj says

    Nay.  Uggs were unflattering and… well, UGGly, but at least they were natural materials.  Acrylic is clammy, sweaty and pills up in less than a season.

  3. Tara says

    Uggs are never out! they’re a fashion staple not a fashion statment. its like owning jeans…every closet should have a pair of uggs if u live in a cold climate. and those shoes u featured u can get knock offs of at old navy for $15

  4. says

    I’m sorry, but I can’t let go of my Uggs!  They were popular in my surf town long before Hollywood got their grubby hands on them, and they will never be eclipsed for apres-surf and ski.  And that’s all I have to say about that.
    Get Your Fix!

  5. kiki says

    My goodness, I just went on a rampage of trying to buy chocolate colored Uggs in three different styles only to discover they are all sold out in my size online so I’m assuming they can’t be all that out.

    I’ve been feeling sheepish (pardon the pun) about buying Uggs but I figure it’s not a fashion statement but a comfort one and Lord knows I need the comfort :)

    These are cute but remind me too much of slippers and pretty limited in terms of going with my wardrobe anyway. LOVE the book btw…destined to be a true classic!!!

  6. TBF says

    Thanks for your comment..but you need to check your facts before accusing someone of stealing.  If you took the chance to look at Coutorture, you would see that it takes posts/feeds from popular blogs and posts them on their system for more readers to enjoy. You would have also seen the Budget Fashionista byline, indicating that the post came from the site (and thus me) and a link back to the site.

    Check your facts before accusing someone of stealing.. EVERYTHING on the budget fashionista is original.. everything and when it isn’t.. we always give credit..

  7. sara says

    Oh no, more Ugg naysaying!  I’m not a big fan of the classic Uggs, but I have two pairs of Sunsets, one in chocolate and one in black, which are much sleeker than the originals.  I’m wearing a pair right now, they’re just so soft and comfy, especially after a long day of running around in dress shoes.

    As for these boots, I say no.  I don’t like any pair of shoes that significantly disrupts the “line” that your outfit creates – loud shoes draw attention to your feet rather than blending in with the whole package.  I try to wear shoes that don’t draw too much attention to themselves, that way I look leaner and taller overall.  I can use all the help I can get in both departments!

  8. Chelsea says

    I love Uggs! I refuse to ever give mine up, in fact, I’m still buying them.
    The way our temperatures drop and the snow rises, I could never live without them.
    These “sockboots” are cute, but I’m not wearing anything with a drawstring as footwear. Thanks anyway.

  9. TBF says

    Hey Jacqueline-

    The VS versions are truly slippers just for indoor wear (soft leather sole).. the reliable version has a rubber sole, thick material in the shaft (the VS version is basically a sock) and you can wear them outside

  10. TBF says

    You’re comments are soooo interesting because in the fashion world Uggs are a MAJOR No-No and the response to your comments from those in fashion have been very interesting.. I think it’s a issue of comfort vs. style. When I was growing up in Minneapolis, it would get wicked cold and my mom would always say “It’s too cold to be cute”… I guess that is how you guys feel about Uggs- the warm and the comfort over shadow any cutest factor (because no matter how spin it.. Uggs aren’t cute) and as a fellow cold weather dweller.. I’m not hatin’ on you…

  11. Jacqueline says

    Just a note: There is a version of these slipper socks that is available from Victoria’s Secret’s PINK line for about $25.

  12. Signe says

    speaking of which…
    I’m a 16 year old minnesotan and today it was below zero.  i have been extremely sad this school year that uggs are out-they may be big (and blue in my case) but in that school of mine they have been the only shoe to keep me sufficiently warm!! 
    so i came up with a plan.  i would alter mine to be totally unique and follow current fashion trends…acceptably. so i found some old t-shirts that had colors to go with this season and made patches.  sewed on to my uggs, they look like totally new boots!!! still pretty bulky but i love them!! people still realize they are uggs but ask where i got them, etc. instead of going “oh god not more uggs”.
    i love them and saved my uggs!!!

    ok onto the sweater shoes.  i don’t know about this line, but i have a friend who bought a similar pair from delias last year.  she wears them to school and claims they are quite comfy.  so there are some you can even wear outside in minnesota-just look!

  13. says

    I could never get into the Ugg look—the boots are too warm and resemble something I’d wear to bed instead of out on the town. These socks are even worse. Instead of a rich, classy look the Uggs give you, the Milwaukee Slipper Boot looks like something you’d throw on last minute because it’s your last pair of socks before laundry day.

    Can anyone say knit leg warmers from the 80s?

  14. Kala says

    I don’t know why huge, shapeless shoes somehow become fashionable.  I understand the functional aspect, but you should have seen the girls in San Diego running around in Uggs and miniskirts in June.  I can only imagine how bad those must smell.
    Please, no more shoes that make those of us with proportionally sized feet look like clowns!

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