Yea or Nay: Reliable of Milwaukee Slipper Boot, $48.00 at

Okay, I admit it…. I used to live in my Ugg boots. They were warm… and comfortable…and I reveled in the fact that I could wear my house shoes as shoes and still be fashionable. The Ugg phenomenon has now left us (please let them go), but there might be a new slipper shoe in town.

Reliable of Milwaukee Boot Slipper: Yea or Nay?

Reliable of Milwaukee, the people who invented the infamous “slipper sock”, some how got to carry their line of “slipper boots”.  Yes, the Reliable boots look like an updated version of those acrylic socks with traction that your mom used to buy you back in the day, but Uggs looked like leather moonboots (which your mom also used to buy you back in the day).  Yes,  the boots don’t rank high on the “cuteness” scale, but that didn’t stop us from spending waaaay to much money on a pair of Uggs. Could the Reliable Slipper Boot be the new Ugg?

Yea or Nay to the Reliable of Milwaukee Slipper Boots?