Regretsy: The Site for Anyone Who Has Been on the Receiving End of a Bad Craft Project

What: Kathryn reviews Regretsy, a site that features some of the more interesting (okay, crazy) ideas you can find on

The Lowdown: I’m a HUGE etsy fan, so much of a fan that I insisted we create a daily post featuring our favorite etsy picks (which you can read here). Yet in my many hours searching through Etsy (and I mean many- I once spent 3 hours looking for a birdcage wedding hat for a dear friend’s wedding), I’ve come across some questionable items. I mean items that go beyond the eccentric, beyond the crocheted doll bathroom kleenex holders (which I did get for christmas one year from a well meaning older family member) into the downright kooky. I always thought someone should write about these finds sort of like Go Fug Yourself (another one of my favs) for the etsy set.

Enter Regretsy.

April, the force behind Regretsy,  gives biting commentary on the many interesting projects you find for sale on Etsy. Looking for a wedding dress made out of men’s ties? Think your cat would look super cute in a pair of stilettos? Want a crocheted pink onesie? Need a piece of art painted by someone’s breast? Can you find all this and more on

My Top Five Etsy/Regretsy Picks

1. Painting of an, umm, Penis, Painting a Self Portrait, $20.
2. Spirit Angels (aka images of Oprah painted on wood cuttings), $6.00
3. New Moon Cast Personalized Portrait, $10 (check out White House Report Helen Thomas’ personalized photo).
4. Double Feeder Hummingbird Hat, $37.00
5. Minitature Fairy Toilet (with miniature toilet paper holder), a bargain at $33.00.

The Verdict: Yes, Yes…..and Yes. This is one of the funniest sites on the web. Better than even Go Fug Yourself.

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