Site I Like: Refund Please and Amazon’s 30 Day Price Guarantee

Amazon has a wonderful, but barely advertised, 30-day price guarantee on products (including books) purchased through its site. Here’s some tips from the wonderful site on how to get your refund:

The first thing you’re going to want to do is to dig into your Amazon account and view any purchases you’ve made in the last 30 days. If an item price has dropped in comparison to your purchase price, you’re in luck, and you’ll be able to obtain a refund using Amazon’s refund request form.

This is all great- but what about the 99% of us who don’t have the time to check Amazon on a daily basis?

Refund Please and Amazon Price Guarantee

Enter the site, Refund Please.

Refund Please is a site that helps you keep track of Amazon any price drops on your Amazon purchases. Just head to the site, fill out the form with your Amazon purchase information and they will alert you via email when the price drops. Apparently there’s no limit to the number of refunds you can get within a 30 day period, so if the price drops 4 times in a 30 day period, you can receive 4 refunds.

Thanks to Lifehacker for another Fab tip

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