Yea or Nay: Reebok Aerobic High Top Sneakers, $59.99

The Reebok aerobic high top sneakers are making a comeback. I have such a long, memorable history with these sneakers. Picture this….

Reebok Aerobic High Top Sneakers are Back!

Date: 1988
Place: Met Center, Bloomington, MN
Event: New Edition’s “N.E Heart Break Tour”, featuring Al B. Sure and Bobby Brown.
What I wore: Freshly done Wave Nouveau, Pink silk blouse, calf length stonewash jean skirt, and a pair of pink Reebok aerobic sneakers.

Reebok Aerobic High Tops: Yea or Nay?

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  1. Samantha says

    Although the memory is endearing, I’m going to go with nay. There are very few athletic shoes that can be considered fashionable in my opinion, and those .. are not it.

  2. hsk says

    Ohhhhh, NO WAY!
    As you probably know, I am usually “down with” the yea or nay’s but hold up on this one ……Might as well wear the red leather Michael Jackson jacket with it… Or some tapered jeans…I could go on

  3. TBF says

    I’m thinking Nay as well , but they are making a BIG comeback on the fashion scene. Now I can’t say that my “nay” will stay if they bring back the pink versions (but I can guarantee no more wave noveaus)

  4. jj says

    I’m a sucker for retro.  I love them. YAY 100%

    But I live in LA, I’m not sure people would “get it” in Sandusky.

  5. Beth says

    When I was a child my parent bought me a new pair of sneakers each year before the start of a new school year.  It was a BIG deal to pick out the perfect pair because they had to be cool for an entire year.  I picked these sneakers two years in a row!  That is REALLY saying something. 

    That said.  Nay.  Keep the 80s in the 80s.

  6. sweetdiva says

    Ummmm, YUCK!!  I had my fill when I was little girl.  Reebox are probably a good reason why I don’t wear athletic sneakers now (gym use only).

  7. Lauren says

    I think they’re retro and cool.  I think it was Vans that came out with a plaid Kurt Cobain-esque version last year.

  8. Alex says

    NAY!!!  I didn’t like these things the first time!  Yuck then, even more Yuck now.  Some things do NOT need to make a comeback!

  9. Nancy B. says

    I’d have to go with YAY.  80’s stuff is coming back in style, so why not??  As long as the baggy, day-glo sweatshirts and acid-wash denim don’t come back, I’m cool.  😉

    I’m almost embarrassed to admit I *still* have my old black Reebok hightops from the 80’s.  They made neat hockey “skates” a few years ago when I went to a Halloween party as an NHL referee.  I just switched out the black laces for white ones.  LOL

  10. says

    Yep- I saw them around BK as well, so that means in a year or so they will make it to the general pop.. Thank goodness I haven’t seen folks rocking J-curls…

  11. t says

    take the l to williamsburg, these guys are on everyone! it certainly depends on what you’re wearing…and how young you are, naturally.

  12. says

    Yay! YAAAAY! I miss my 54-11’s!! (what we called them back in the day in NYC because with the tax at the time 49.99 translated into 54.11) I was a little kid when they were popular but I loved mine and still loved a lot of what was around in those days – doorknocker earrings and rope chains and all that. And I have seen people rocking it in BK for a little while now – might be able to find them in Fulton St. Mall… I should go look…(and I’ll let you know if I find them in pink!!)

  13. says

    I can think of exactly one occasion on which to wear these: an 80’s costume party. Leggings and tunics made a successful comeback last year because people could seamlessly integrate updated versions into their wardrobe, especially when paired with modern pieces. These…well, it just can’t be done. What would you wear them with to keep the whole outfit from looking like it was pulled from the set of Flashdance?

    On another note, when will the 90s be in vogue again? I found a snap bracelet under my bed the other day.

  14. Gina says

    I have a similar memory, except the New Edition concert was in Knoxville. I say Nay, I’ll leave the Reebok’s back in the 80’s. However, if my daughters would like a pair I’d buy them.

  15. charmaine says

    yeh for me. I actually tried to bring them back out myself. They were actually BIG in brooklyn in the early 90’s. I remember having some fierce colors. I had hot pink, gold, silver, indigo blue and a pair of patent leather white ones. HOT!! Since the skinny jeans are in, I’m getting a pair.

  16. sam says

    for me- a thousand times no, for you? If they make you feel good, why not? even though I don’t share your fondness for the Reeboks, I love me some happy feet, and have worn other shoes some might consider odd…white Minnetonka mocassins with red and black beading, for example…

  17. taty says

    YAY!!!!! i have been searching for colors in this style forever….I miss these, my cousin had the royal blue’s and the mustard color…My god what a throwback….

  18. Lori says

    Yay! Unfortunately- I’m one with weaker ankles due too many ankles rollings OUCH! So, I do where these type!

  19. Mike says

    YEA!!!  I’ve always thought this was a sexy looking athletic shoe!  It’s a shoe that goes with everything from shorts to jeans to even some casual dresses!  This shoe ranks up with classics like the Chuck Taylor All Stars and denim jeans.

  20. Danielle says

    Bring them back…..Yay…In london they were never hot but i spent alot of summers in NYC, i rocked them then and i’m rocking them again!!

  21. Blue says


    Yah all the way, you all need to come to the hood, sometime….because “urban fashion” is embracing them with open arms, yet again hightops are the sh**!! and they still look good with leg warmers and/or tappered jeans…as long as huge cut off shirts, and poofy hair doesn’t come back…we’re good!!

  22. Dawn says

    I say YEA!  Look great – feel even better!  Not just for cheerleaders, though this is where I got my first pair a few years ago!  Love’n them!  Retro and new (to my generation at least).

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