Reducing Vacation Waste: Recycle This

Recently the Budget Ecoist took a beach vacation and marveled at the amount of disposable products needed on said vacation and the lack of recycling bins in convenient (read: on the beach, at the motel) places. Short of taking your green and blue bins with you, (which would certainly take up precious trunk or overhead space) we thought there had to be an answer to this summertime dilemma for the socially conscious.

We went to the source and checked out the Environmental Protection Agency website and wouldn’t you know it, they had some fantastic tips to go green without having to shell out for an eco-tourism resort.

The EPA recommends you do a few things before you leave to make up for the mess you’re about to make. Simple things like servicing your car to get optimum gas mileage and performance or using an e-ticket to reduce paper ticket waste. Before you leave your home base, adjust your thermostat and hot water to save energy while you are away.

Once you’re on the road, The EPA recommends that you ask your lodgings about their recycling policies, or where you can find a nearby facility yourself. And when you’re dragging those snacks and drinks to the beach, be sure you bring a bag to take everything back with you. Trash on the beach is a major buzz kill, not to mention life threatening for the wildlife within that ocean you just enjoyed with abandon.

And if you must get a plastic bag while souvenir or supply shopping, re-use them to hold wet clothes, dirty stuff or anything else that needs to be separated in your suitcase to get the most out of those landfillers. When you get home, you can recycle them in your own bin, and feel satisfied that you did your part to leave only footprints, take only memories. Back pats all around!

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