Reducing Packaging: Reader Tips

At The Budget Ecoist, we’re always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.  Today’s obsession?  Excess packaging. Little things wrapped in bigger things and then shrink-wrapped for the fun of it, is NOT our idea of a good time! In fact we make it a point to make that point to the management of any unfortunate establishment we are frequenting at the moment we notice a vegetable wrapped in cellophane.

Seriously, folks, there is no reason in a civilized society why carrots should be packaged in a bag. And yet there they are sitting in the produce aisle just begging us to point it out and embarrass whoever happens to be there to witness our meltdown.

We attempt to limit excess packaging by buying in bulk, strategically purchasing products that use less packaging, and shopping at farmer’s markets, where not a carrot is wrapped.

So, how about you? Any tips you want to share on how to limit excess packaging?

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