Reduce Your Car’s Gas Mileage: Green Tips

Can you lessen your fuel consumption without upgrading to a new hybrid car?  There are many ways to decreased the amount of gasoline you use even if your car gets 10 miles per gallon.

1. Make sure your tires are properly inflated.  Under inflated tires make you engine work harder and end up using more gasoline.

2. Make less shopping trips and buy everything all at once. You can reduce your shopping trips just by planning ahead and buying everything in one trip. Let’s face it—those short trips to the grocery store really add up.

3. Change your air filters at the proper time—bad air filters can reduce the amount of fuel air mixture. Make sure to try and change your filter every six months.

4. The easiest way to reduce your mileage is not to drive your car at all. Try walking or get a motor scooter for shorter trips. Keep the car in the garage for as long as possible.

5. Try riding with your friends to make group shopping trips. Shopping with a group can be not only fun, but cheaper as you can all pitch in to pay for the gas.

Gas is getting more and more expensive, and those of us with less efficient cars can use these steps to lessen the effect on our wallet and also reduce the emissions from gasoline that have a harmful effect on our environment.

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