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Okay, after spending waaay too much time navigating shopping sites that are trying to be everything to everybody, is a welcome respite. One item at a time please. Too minimalist? Maybe not, because one great item for an unbelievable price is worth far more to us that an offering of 6,000 mediocre pieces that should only cost half of what they’re asking . . . So does RedTagCrazy do it right? We aim to find out.

Our review: It’s so simple we may have to make up stuff just to fill the space (that’s a joke)—but here’s how it works: one item, on big discount (50-80% off), limited number, go. It stays on the page until the stock is sold, and gives you a progress bar to show you how many are left, and how long they estimate the sale to last. Once the item is sold out, the next item is posted, and the process starts all over again.

Obviously, this isn’t a site you shop when you need to pick up that (insert current dream item/wardrobe necessity here). It’s as hit or miss as it gets, but if you are a die-hard sale shopper or have a bare bones budget, it’s worth a look. You won’t waste a lot of time because you’ll know at a glance if the current item is anything you’re even remotely interested in. Even better, sign up for alerts by browser, IM, e-mail, mobile phone, etc. and you don’t have to seek the deals out, they come to you. And if you, like most budget sale shoppers, like to dish about your latest buy—or anything else—there’s a “chick chat” and blog for member participation, and contests too.

The verdict: Yea. No fuss, no muss—just potential savings that are clean, quick, and totally straightforward. We like. One caveat—we would always maintain that buying something on sale does NOT make it a bargain—be sure you’re comfortable with the price and it’s something you actually really want/need. It’s not a deal if it hangs unworn at the back of your closet NWT, natch.

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