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Who knew fashion could be so suspenseful? By the time you finally decide to take advantage of a to-die-for deal on a couture jacket or cute tank top, it could be long gone. gives new meaning to “impulse shopping.” Hint: it’s not for fashionistas who take a year and a day to commit to a purchase. In the tradition of sties like,, and, there’s no time to think or blink. From the website: “We sell one hot item from one sought-after label at a time, casual and designer, at deep discounts of 50-80%. Quantities are limited, time is limited, and our attention span is limited – so stay awake.”

Site Review:

At any moment in time, displays one, just one, fabulous fashion deal. The deal could last an hour or just a couple minutes, but soon enough, it will make room for the next deal. Bargain hunters are kept in the loop about the exact number of apparel/accessory items left for each deal, as well as the deal’s “estimated time remaining.” (We’re not sure how they figure out that last part.) 

Taking on one deal at a time is a refreshing change of pace from the typical shopping routine we might experience at a department store or vast online marketplace. Plus, because it’s anyone’s guess as to what high-end brand will pop up next, it’s hard to look away… but refreshing your browser over and over does get old after a while. If you find yourself doing that, sign up for the alerts.

You can’t purchase more than 3 items per deal, but you are allowed to cash in on more than one deal and hold off on checking out until you’re through. The coolest part? If you’re not happy with your purchase, for example a pair of jeans ends up making your thighs look big, you can return it. For every return, you’ll get RedTagCrash (store credit), which isn’t the best deal, we would rather have our money back, but it’s better than the no returns policy that other sites have.

If continues to feature desirable designer fashion, it’ll be a winner. But it’s only as good as its constantly changing inventory.

What do you think of the site?

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  1. kristenlw says

    This website is fantastic. Not only are the deals great, but the staff is personable and they have wonderful attention to customer service. This site is fantastic!

  2. ccargirl says

    this site (redtagcrazy) used to be awesome.  the stupid owner screwed everything up and the site is a disaster now.  too bad.

  3. Sarah says

    it’s so strange how the rave review seems so scripted like it was written by a member of the redtagcrazy staff. haha!

    ive had nothing but problems with this site.  damaged goods w/ poor service.  i didnt know thats how businesses were run…

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