Recycled Seed Starting Containers: Budget Gardening Tip

If you’re gearing up to start some seeds this spring, you might want to start saving some containers to plant them in. Using containers that can’t be put in the recycling bin is a great way to save money and make use of something that might otherwise get tossed out. Empty yogurt or pudding cups, egg cartons, and butter tubs all make great seed starting containers. We like to use hollowed out eggs and put them back in the carton with a seed in each one ” it”s” both cute and clever. Simply break the egg shell on the bottom when you”re ready to plant, and stick it right into the dirt. If using plastic containers, be sure to poke a hole in the bottom of each for drainage prior to planting a seed, and take the plant out of the container before placing in the ground.

You can also make seed starting pots with old newspapers. A wooden paper pot making tool is available for rolling the newspaper into a pot shape, but a baby food jar or other small container will work as well. Simply roll a strip of newspaper tightly around the jar, then remove the jar. Tuck the top ends down into the center and the bottom ends up to make the base, and add dirt or seed starting mix.


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