Recycled, Handmade Envelopes: Go Green

We mourn the loss of the handwritten letter when when we open our mailbox eagerly every day, only to see bills and advertisements. That’s why we cooed over these recycled envelopes ($10) when we came across them on Etsy. These clever creations come in handy when you’re sending out a thank you note, a greeting card, or a short letter. Alternatively, you can purchase them as a gift for a stationery-lover. The packet comes with 24 handmade envelopes and a white notecard for each. The seller selects each image carefully from magazines and catalogs and makes the envelope from scratch. Let them know if you’d like a theme to your envelopes, but personally, we’d let them surprise us. The vivid colors and prints will bring a smile to anyone who finds one of them in their mailbox.

The best part of these envelopes, of course, is that they’re eco-friendly! We’ve talked about different ways to recycle our magazines, but never have we come across this one. Eventually, the envelopes themselves will be recycled too, and the paper will be re-used in yet another way. Ah, the beauty of green living.

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