25 Things That Can be Recycled into Gift Wrapping

Every year when the holidays roll around, we’re reminded about the sheer amount of trees sacrificed for wrapping paper. Not to be all bah humbug, but there are plenty of creative means of wrapping gifts without having to spend money and the Earth’s resources on wrapping paper. Here are 25 such ideas (just to prove how easy it is, and because we like to show off).

Recycled Gift Wrap

25 things that can be recycled into gift wrapping:
1. Newspaper (funnies for the kids, cooking section for the foodies, Wall Street Journal for your business comrades)
2. Fabric
3. Baskets
4. Holiday gift bags you saved from last year’s gifts
5. These adorable reusable Christmas gift bags from Etsy
6. Tin cans
7. For the crafty folk: crochet or knit a bag
8. Theme packaging! For example, if you’re giving a great bag of Fair Trade coffee, simply put it in a coffee mug.
9. Cut up grocery bags and decorate them
10. Scarves (or alternately, for small gifts, you can hide them in a pair of mittens)
11. Give preserves, apple/pumpkin butters, etc and simply tie a bow around the jar

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