Recycle This: Candy Wrapper Bags

What: You’ll never look at another pack of Juicy Fruit the same, once you’ve laid your baby browns on this sweet piece of fashion—Behold! The candy wrapper handbag!

The Lowdown: What a unique way to recycle candy wrappers! The stylish bags from actually use a bevy of recycled products (candy wrappers, movie billboards, soda can pull tabs, even feed and rice bags) to be re-purposed into hot little eco fashion statements!

Because these handbags use recycled materials, each one is a one-of-a-kind creation. In the case of the candy wrapper bags, in addition to candy wrappers, the bags are made from soda labels and other food packaging discarded by manufacturers due to misprints, overages or discontinued products. What a way to turn trash into absolute treasure!

If you like the idea of using a recycled product for your handbag, check out the sale going on now at

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