Recycle This: Plastic Milk Containers

6. Toilet bowl brush holder – Cut the top of the milk jug off, enough to allow your toilet bowl brush to fit into the jug. Place the jug behind your toilet and you finally have a place to set the toilet bowl brush. The good thing about this is that if it ever starts to gross you out, you recycle the jug and use a new one!

7. Greenhouse – If you’ve set delicate seedlings out and worry the weather will do them in, turn a milk jug into a last minute greenhouse. Cut the bottom of the container off and set it over the seedling. You can leave the lid on or off, depending on the temperature requirement.

8. Collect rain water – Set out the milk jugs (as-is) to catch rain water. Seal the jugs when full and use them to water plants when necessary.

9. Personal Cooler – If you worry about your pets over-heating during the hot summer, try this trick: fill a milk jug with water and freeze it. Put it next to your dog, in his dog bed, or into your rabbit’s cage, etc. The animal can lie next to the over-sized ice cube and keep cool.

10. Plant starter – Cut the top half to 2/3 of the container off and fill the bottom with soil. Add seeds. When your plants are ready to transplant, you’ll be able to easily uproot them and re-plant them.

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