10 Things You Can Do with Gift Wrapping, When the Holidays are Over

6. Thank you cards. Cut a piece of wrapping paper twice the size of an index card. Tape or glue the index card to the inside, bottom and fold the other half of the wrapping paper over the index card to make the cover of the card. Write your note on the index card. You can use these cards to send thank you notes to the people who gave you the gift. If you’re really feeling clever, you can use the paper to line the inside of your envelope as well. With the flap of the envelope opened, sit it on the wrapping paper and trace the shape of the envelope. Cut the wrapping paper about ½ inch smaller than the envelope tracing. Tuck the wrapping paper into the envelope and glue it down.
7. Make a wreath. Seriously…wreaths can be made from anything!
8. Make reusable holiday gift boxes. For next year’s gifts, prepare your gift boxes in advance! Take shoe boxes and wrap the bottom and top of the box individually with wrapping paper. You’ve got a beautiful holiday gift box that can be reused year after year. When the paper finally does tear there will be plenty of other wrapping paper scraps to redo your holiday gift box.
9. Origami. ‘Nuff said. OK, one more thing to say: here’s a cute little chicken in an egg origami that we would like to recommend you use your wrapping paper on, because it’s very cute. And we like cute. OK, now ’nuff said.
10. Sewing patterns. Draw the pattern pieces on the blank side and cut out.

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