Recession Trend: Wigs

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, but being broke is the mother of reinvention and one thing on the verge of being reinvented are wigs as a fashion trend.

Why are wigs going tomake a comeback? Well.. regardless of your ethnic background, getting your hair “did” is expensive- in most cities a cut starts at $20, relaxers and blow outs at $40, and weavers and braids $100 and up. Women are already starting to cut back on beauty services. Wigs offer an easy, cost effective alternative to frequent trips to the beauty salon.

Before you go wig shopping, here’s some tips:
– Get over your wig-phobia. Wigs are no longer the domain of your grandma and the crazy lady on the corner. In fact you would be very surprised by the the number of people you know who wear wigs. Tyra Banks, Oprah, etc all wear what is called lace front wigs.
– If you’re a first timer, head to an establish wig shop- ask friends, family members or find them by typing in the words “wig and your city” into google. The reason why you want to go an established shop is that they will help you select the correct wig for your face shape as well as teach you how to place it correctly on your head (believe me it is not as easy as you think).
– Purchase a wig cap. A wig cap is a nylon/mesh, which can be purchased at your local wig shop for $1-$2, that flattens your own hair so the wig “sits” better on your head.
– When possible, purchase human hair. It’s more expensive, but it lasts longer, is easier to style and you can use regular style tools like flat irons, curling irons, etc without melting the hair. If you are unable to purchase then look for a wig made out of 100% Kanelklon, which is high quality, human like, hair.
– If your wig has a part, make sure it has a “false” scalp, that is the same color as your natural scalp.
– Never, ever, ever, claim that the wig is your real hair.

Some styles to try:
Chic bob from The Beverly Johnson Line, for $38 at
Long contemporary wig by Forever Young for $44.95 at
Layered, tousled look by Forever Young for $49.95 at
An affordable human hair wig by Motown Tess for $52.00 at Wilshire Wigs

So, would you wear a wig? For those who do, what are your wig tips?

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  1. Shones says

    I’m definitely wig-phobic, but would secretly love to wear one and see if I could fool people into thinking it’s my real hair.  Might be a bit tough since I’ve got a big fro right now… hmmmm….

  2. Leeclev says

    I have three wigs. Two fit the shape of my face more than the third one though I think of the third one as my ‘glamour’ hair. I love them because I have two little girls with lots of hair and once I get their hair looking nice, sometimes I’m too tired to do mine!

    Slip on a wig and it looks like you just came from the beauty salon. I agree on the ‘don’t ever admit it’s your real hair’ philosophy. If I get compliments, I thank them but if they ask (most don’t) I tell people it’s a wig or it’s mine because I bought it.

    I’m now getting back into getting my own hair done because I can afford it after a long drought of ‘money? what’s that?’ But I still love my wigs.

    I also recommend wigs if you’re thinking of getting a hair cut and are not sure. Buy a wig or just go try the style you’re considering on and there you go. Want some color? Get a wig with highlights and hit the town.

  3. Broke Bettie says

    Don’t think I could do a wig every day – but if it was a really nice one, I’d consider wearing it once a week just for fun!

  4. Tenacious says

    I was wig-phobic too until I needed to re-evaluate my expenses during this recess
    (economic downturn). My stylist had recommended for some time I try one and I finally stepped out on faith and I LOVE IT! Moreover, my stylist makes custom wigs so it has human hair, fits my head perfectly and it is a short style I saw in a magazine…LOVE IT! The cost $75.00.

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