Recession Trend: Garage Sales

Everyone from Michael Jackson to your next door neighbor is doing it – they’re throwing garage sales left and right. Those who are down on their luck are selling their belongings so they can keep the lights on. We recently talked about the art of haggling your way into a good deal at the store and a garage sale is the perfect place to practice your negotiating skills.

The recession garage sale is really a win/win situation. Can’t finance a new wardrobe? Get rid of your old one with a well-executed yard sale and you’ll make enough extra money to justify a trip to the mall. Better yet, don’t go to the mall. Find out if any other garage sales are happening near by and do some browsing. Can’t hurt, and you just might end up spending five bucks on a designer handbag or belt.

In fact, according to, now is the best time to have a garage sale. Why? Everyone has shaken off the winter blues and are out and about, enjoying spring and yes, spotting yard sales. And if you think garage sales are “in” right now, just wait until summer. People tend to clean out their closets in spring and then wait until summer to lay their clutter out on the lawn – so if you set up shop now rather than later, you’ll stand out.