TBF’s Top Recession Survival Tips


Right—nobody likes the “R” word (and apparently “Depressionista” is next in line to be banned by the FCC); however, it’s our duty here at TBF—as your cyber BFFs—to share whatever tips we can to make dealing with whatever we choose to call this challenging economy a little bit easier. A round-up:

Tips for Recession Proofing Your Closet
Keeping the mortgage paid and the food on the table seem to always fall at the top of the priority list, no matter how many times we revise it, so many of us will need to make cuts in other areas—like the wardrobe. These tips help keep it fairly painless . . .

Attention Shopaholics: Tips for Getting Your Financial Priorities in Order
You know who you are (and yes, we’re reassessing our spending habits right along with you).

How to Shop a Thrift Store
The thrift store is the new Saks. Well, not really, but we definitely spend more time in the former than the latter, and if you’re with us, here are some tips for making your shopping trip a success.

20 Tips for Getting Out of Debt
Not 5, not 10, but—count ‘em—20 tips. Surely there’s something here you can use (and if you have a tip we’ve missed, don’t hesitate to share . . .).

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