11 Reasons Why We Love Target

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Just the sight of the word makes us giddy. I mean, we’re talking “ssshhhing” family and friends whenever commercials come on giddy. Perusing their site hourly giddy.

We’re in love with Target. Maybe even a bit obsessed. Here are 11 reasons why:

The Reasons Why We Love Target

1. Aways On-Trend
Whether you’re searching for clothes or crockpots, you’ll never see passed styles at Target. Racks display this season’s colored pants trend, but guess what? Their cookware offers just as many colorful choices; bold red blenders and cobalt teapots always catch our attention. Who’d ever think you could coordinate your kitchen with your capris?

Not that you really would. But you could.

We seriously lose ourselves in their ability to stay in the cross-department, on-trend zone—always.

2. Great Names & Shops
So you want to shop respected names and brands in fashion, beauty . . . heck, even dog treats? Target’s your spot.

For your beauty regimen, the very affordable bronzers, brush sets and cosmetic bags by Sonia Kashuk grace the store’s super shiny, super clean aisles (really, we can’t get enough of this place)!

Then there’s The Shops at Target including the oh-so-chic (and yes, oh-so-pocketbook friendly) The Webster collection, boasting Miami-inspired colors and tropical patterns. If it’s a vintage picture or hurricane lamp you’re after, Privet House has beautifully crafted home décor finds. Animal lover? Head over to Polka Dog Bakery for canine goodies packaged so adorably you actually consider getting a box—and you have a cat.

3. Organized
Never, ever will you see scarves all knotted up in a bin that resemble a giant metal hamper. Never.

Instead, they’re neatly suspended so you can almost envision what they’ll look like draped around that tunic across the way. Pretty much everywhere you look, everything in the whole store is in its perfectly-folded, stocked and tidy place.

Hmmm. Wonder if they make house calls.

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  1. sandy says

    I thought I was alone with the wearing of maternity clothes; I have a great denim jacket that was a maternity clothing item and I’ve had it for years. It fits right. If you could do more on this subject I’d really love it.
    Thanks. I can now come out of the closet. LOL.

  2. Nancy says

    The line at customer service is never too long, and the staff there have never failed to help.

    And how about the 5% discount if you get a Target card — debit or credit?

  3. HauteChick says

    WOW……….with the exception of #5, you’ve summed up my whole Target experience!!!!! Here I was thinking that lil ole me was the only one who become overwhelmed with excitement every time I entered a Target store. If I could I would LIVE in Target!!! I curse Target every time I leave out of the store with MORE than I intended (which has become known as the “Target Effect”), but it’s like you said….I leave feeling happy!!! NO buyer’s remorse…..and even if you do – you can always return it…..within 90 days. I once had the unpleasant experience of going into a “Wally Mart” – only because it was convenient and I needed a few things. I’ll tell you what – it was NOT the same experience. Not only did I wait in line for 15 minutes, the store was crowded, the aisles were jammed and the ‘merchandise’ was, for lack of a better word, picked over! I left out of there exhausted and mad. So, needless to say, I have not shopped there since. (Besides, I felt like was I cheating on Tar-Jay and being disloyal.) The only issue I have with Tar-Jay is their website. It’s TERRIBLE! I’m not sure why they decided to revamp their website, but it is not user friendly. I think it’s too busy and hard to navigate. Other than that…..I just love Target.

  4. says

    I love Target for clothes and makeup, though as far as clothes are concerned I like their cheaper brands like Mossimo way more than their designer collaborations. Anna Sui and Libertine for Target just didn’t do it for me–I felt like their ideas were unfinished and inferior to what you’d expect from their stuff at boutiques. Not even worth the fast fashion prices. They probably were thinking label whores would scoop up the clothes anyway though and they were right. But again, my opinion, Target’s regular brands, like Converse (for women’s clothing) offer surprisingly chic pieces that look high quality in manufacture and design.

    I should also note the store’s house brand of food makes really good spinach and goat cheese pizza.

  5. Melissa says

    I wish I could share the Target love, but apparently they don’t think plus-size women deserve those on-style clothes.

    Every Target I’ve been to, the plus sizes are tucked in between maternity and the dressing room like shopping in there is something you don’t want anyone to see you doing. Don’t worry, you won’t be there long, so likely no one will see you there anyway. There’s maybe two or three freestanding racks or shelves and some wall space. And the selection is usually dowdy, dumpy and cheap-looking.

  6. Heide says

    Re: plus size

    I agree there too for the most part! This season they had some really nice dresses in the plus size dept (I’m wearing one right now) and a few of the cuter shirts/styles from ladies were in plus size too.

    I’m an in between size, 14/16/1x depending on cut and fabric, so I’ve been pleasantly surprised with XL and XXL sized Mossimo, Merona and Converse lines. Dig around in the ladies racks, I hope you are pleasantly surprised.

    I love love Target.

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