11 Reasons Why We Love ModCloth

8. Apartment Section

As you know, we at TBF like to stay stylin’ , so it’s only natural that we would want to extend chicness to our homes. Thank the interior decorating gods that ModCloth has an apartment section for us all to indulge.

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9. Free U.S. Returns and Exchanges

So you buy your dress from ModCloth to find that you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit quite right or you’re more Lavigne than Hepburn. Go ahead and return/exchange it for free! Yes, girl, free.

10. Be The Buyer Section

Be the Buyer Section

Is your dream to be a fashion forecaster? Do you want to be able to choose the hottest fashion find your fave stores carries? Well, ModCloth gives its customers the opportunity, with the Be The Buyer section. Here is how it works, straight from the (fashion) horse’s mouth.

11. Indie Designers

I love buying from indie designers. It’s one of the best ways to make your wardrobe special by getting wonderfully-made and exclusive pieces. ModCloth provides an opportunity for designers like Bernie Dexter to have a larger audience for their designs. It really makes you feel good about your one-of-a-kind purchase!

When I am looking for something extra-special to add to my wardrobe, I always take myself to the ModCloth site. It’s all about being pretty special–or better yet, pretty and special, and I can definitely cosign that. Have any of you bought anything magnificent from ModCloth that you want to share? Tell me.

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  1. Blythe Dhia says

    I do love ModCloth’s funky, retro style; and I’ve ordered a few pieces from the site.  However, I find a lot of the dresses are kind of short and short-waisted on me.  I don’t have a particularly long torso and i’m only 5’8.  Granted, it could be the style of dresses I go for, but i’m on the sunny side of 30 and those thigh grazing dresses could be a little risque.   I usually have to tone them down with flats.  I’m sure the more expensive ones would probably better address the fit issues, but until i can drop $200+ on a new Tracy Reese, I have to make due w/the sale stuff.  It’s still one of my favorite sites for dresses, I just don’t always understand whose body type they sell their dresses for.

    • says

      @Blythe- most of their dresses are for junior sized and very high waist, which I don’t understand. However, there’s no better store (on or offline) for finding dresses.

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