9. They Care About the Environment
Amazon makes it a goal to reduce their environmental impact. For example, the majority of Amazon orders are shipped in corrugated containers that contain 43 percent recycled materials and are 100 percent recyclable. In addition, Amazon uses “frustration-free” packaging. That means no hard plastic “clamshell” cases or plastic-coated wire ties, and a lot less–if any–tape.

10. Subscribe & Save Options
Ever run out of mascara, olive oil, coffee or feminine products? Amazon’s subscribe & save option sends you those very products–and many others–once every month, two months, six or whatever frequency you desire. And if it isn’t enough for them to take the weight of remembering off your shoulders, they offer this service at a discounted price.

11. Makes Gifting Easy
Amazon is the place to go when shopping for gifts. For one thing, lots of couples register at Amazon for weddings and baby showers. Also, because it’s such a diverse marketplace, you’ll be able to find everything for everyone, including grills for dad, toys for your niece, spa products for mom and everything in between. Oh, and when in doubt, an Amazon gift card is always accepted with open arms.