11 Reasons Why We Love Amazon

3. Hard-to-Find and Discontinued Items in Stock
It’s near tragic when one of your staple items gets discontinued. While there’s clearly a limited supply of a discontinued product, Amazon often seems to deliver. The same can be said for new or popular products that are rarely in stock at your local bricks-and-mortar shops. That includes perfumes and eyeshadows, hair serums and lipsticks, and even edibles or home goods.

4. Large Range of Sizes Available
In the real world, those who cross over into “non-standard” sizes are forced to seek out a speciality shop. What’s worse, these specialty stores often charge top dollar for their goods, wreaking havoc on your poor wallet and causing unnecessary frustration. Whether you’re shopping outlier sizes in undergarments, shoes, apparel or even hats, Amazon has got you covered. Literally.

5. Awesome Search Functionality
Let’s face it, sometimes walking into a store causes sensory overload. And the bigger the store, the more distracted you get. Amazon, clearly, is a huge shopping outlet, but its fancy search engine allows you to narrow down your search by size, style (relaxed, contemporary, trending, etc.), seller, brand, color and so on.

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    There are probably 50+ things that I like about Amazon, but I know that “11” is a good number for this article title, and requires less writing :)

    I agree with your first mention of “fast shopping.” Amazon is blazing fast considering all the content they have on their website. When I was looking at some new denim selections, a boatload of “similar” jeans shows up but the page loaded in a millisecond, and I was out of the office on my iPad. Next, although I am a busy person with work and family, I do take the time to read customer reviews on Amazon. You are right on the money when you say Amazon’s star ratings are “priceless.”

    Most customers who take the time to post reviews on Amazon are passionate about the product(s) they purchase through the site, and the well-written and intelligent reviews – either positive or negative – often help formulate my buying decisions.

    Thanks for an informative post on The Budget Fashionista… !

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