Really, Really Cheap Holiday Gifts: The Cosmopolitan Lunch Tote

What: Cosmopolitan Lunch Totes from, just $9.95 each. Pick from three chic black and white patterns, all with a pretty pale blue handle. Bags are thermo lined to keep food cool or warm ‘til lunchtime.

Who to Give it To: Co-worker, roommate, sister, anyone who’s saving dough by brown-bagging it to work every day.

Buy it: @ Wrapables

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  1. says


    These are way better than putting lunches in plastic bags and then putting them in some type of advertised paper shopping bag. I’m so guilty of this but, what was I supposed to do?

  2. Brown Bagger says

    I also use bags like this for a camera bag and to carry my external hard drive from home to office. Gives added protection inside my big bag and hopefully will throw a thief off-scent…

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