New York Times: For Everyday Products, Ads Using the Everyday Woman

New York Times
Published: August 17, 2005

Madison Avenue is increasingly interested in using everyday women in advertising instead of just waifish supermodels.

Real Women in Advertising

The change comes after the Dove line of personal-care products sold by Unilever introduced what it called a “campaign for real beauty,” which presents women in advertisements as they are rather than as some believe they ought to be.

Dove’s “campaign for real beauty,” seen on a billboard on Broadway, uses six women of various sizes who are not professional models.

If the fad becomes a trend and shows legs, so to speak, it has the potential to fundamentally change decades of image-making on Madison Avenue. But that is a big if indeed. There have been many previous instances of ads that showed so-called real women in place of professional models, which receded as the allure of glamour again reared its beautiful head.

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