Get Ready for Perfume Overload

What: It’s no secret that the fragrance industry isn’t doing too hot. Well, now a bunch of fragrance manufacturers are uniting for a comprehensive ad campaign called “One Mighty Drop,” which will encourage people to go out and buy more perfume.

What They Say:

Plus, in an attempt to spark consumer interest fragrance companies began churning out tons of new products each year, hoping that at least some of them would resonate with shoppers and energize the category.
Bloom thinks the opposite happened. Consumers became confused, she said.

What We Say: Although we’re sure the recession has made it tough to be in the scent biz, we have very little sympathy for it. We’re sick and tired of new overpriced celebrity fragrances vying for our attention every day. Instead of advertising perfumes more, the industry should focus on providing more quality and less quantity.

What do you think?