Get Ready for Perfume Overload

What: It’s no secret that the fragrance industry isn’t doing too hot. Well, now a bunch of fragrance manufacturers are uniting for a comprehensive ad campaign called “One Mighty Drop,” which will encourage people to go out and buy more perfume.

What They Say:


Plus, in an attempt to spark consumer interest fragrance companies began churning out tons of new products each year, hoping that at least some of them would resonate with shoppers and energize the category.
Bloom thinks the opposite happened. Consumers became confused, she said.

What We Say: Although we’re sure the recession has made it tough to be in the scent biz, we have very little sympathy for it. We’re sick and tired of new overpriced celebrity fragrances vying for our attention every day. Instead of advertising perfumes more, the industry should focus on providing more quality and less quantity.

What do you think?

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  1. stylishous says

    I agree. There are so many scents that are overpriced & don’t even smell good. I end up sticking w/ my 1 or 2 scents and usually don’t even pay attention when new fragrances come out b/c of past disappointments.

  2. says

    Well said, BF! On a tangent, it would be interesting to see how much celebrities do have an influence on consumer spending habits when they “design” their own lines. I’m not convinced that just because some celebrity has slapped his/her name and/or face on something, people will buy the item. I’d like to see the stats on that. Are we really that susceptible? I, for one, am not swayed by the “celeb factor.”

  3. Ariana says

    Well said! But don’t just leave it at celebrity perfume designers some actual designers are doing just as horrible a job.

    Perfumes used to be quite signature, one scent per company with that scent representing the general attitude and style of the designer/company. Now some designers create one scent and simply add a new note, re-package it and ship out another perfume with a ‘new’ name for consumers to snap up.

    How many Princess perfumes does Vera Wang plan to ship out before she simply abandons the sport? At last glance I believe she currently has 3 or 4 with the name princess in the title and some tiny addition that makes it ‘different’. Though she is a celebrity Jennifer Lopez is another ridiculous example of this. How many ways can one woman glow? “Miama Glow, Baby Glow, After Dark Glow, Glow” it’s getting rather sickening.

    I agree, the overload is making me stick to 1 or 2 scents rather than explore more.

  4. mocha_mammi says

    I couldn’t agree with you more!!! Most of these new fragrances are TERRIBLE!!! They smell like garage or they smell like another scent that’s already on the market. With this fragrance over saturating I’ve begun using scented oils since I don’t like most of the perfumes that are on the market.

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