Reader’s Week Spring 2007: Lynn Suggests Maternity Tops for Tall Women


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My favorite fashion tip is if your tall and/or long torso-ed and you find that tops are never quite long enough, you should definitely check out (bear with me) buying some maternity tops.

If you get them a size smaller than what you normally wear, they’ll be fitted enough so that no one would be able to guess that you’re wearing a maternity top and long enough so you don’t have a gap of back skin showing when you sit down or bend over. My advice is to always try them on, since some tops have slack in the belly area (and I’ve never had any fitting room attendant say, “Ohhh, Congratulations!”—so try not to worry about that). Also, if your ego can’t take anyone ever finding out you’re wearing maternity (mine can’t), just cut out the tag. Try the maternity lines at stores like Old Navy and H&M because their clothes are always current, inexpensive and figure flattering.

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  1. Cecilia says

    Actually, when I first became pregnant last summer and my chest could not longer fit into a regular top, I bought a few matenity tops (never mind that it took months for my belly to catch up!), and I stood there wondering how come I had not done that sooner! Not only they were longer and roomier than regular tops, with the variety of styles, you can always find something that does not scream “pregnant”. My mom kept complaining that I never wore “pregnancy clothing” during my pregnancy. I just refused to wear anything with bows and ruffles, and eventually I looked pregnant enough that I didn’t need my clothing to tell the truth. My belly certainly did!

  2. Cecilia says

    Another awesome item to borrow from the pregnant women’s shop is LilyPadz. ( If you, like me, have breast that are very, ahh… temperature sensitive, these are a clear, flower-shaped, reusable, plastic gel pads that you can you use to cover that area to prevent poking through, without any bulk. And they don’t hurt when you take them off, unlike other products in the market. They can be used while swimming or going strapless or even braless (not me!). They are designed to prevent breastmilk from leaking, but I really don’t see why they cannot be used in other ways, too. Even after I stop breastfeeding, I’m planning on keeping these!

  3. Shawn says

    I love this idea as I stumbled upon the same idea a couple or years ago when I accidentally bought a Gap cable knit sweater without knowing that it was Maternity! I tried it on without knowing and was wondering why it fit so well in the torso length and all over – I then looke at the tag and it said Gap Maternity. I didn’t care – I am 22 years old and 6’1” and finally found a sweater that fit! Great tip!

  4. says

    Wow, this is a great tip! At 5’11 I always complain about shirts being too shirt and not fitting well in the torso. I’m heading H&M and Old Navy to see if it works for me!!

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