Kristi Gives Us Her Beauty Tips

Jojoba Oil:
I just rediscovered this product that had been wasting away in a storage closet after moving to Michigan and, for the first time, experiencing dry skin. In the evening after washing my face, I put one spritz of this pseudo oil (it’s really a plant-based liquid wax), rub it onto my face, and end up with soft, glowing skin. This sinks in fast but leaves a silky texture behind and you can add your favorite essential oils to personalize it to your complexion (I added jasmine essential oil to mine). This works especially well for those of us who have oily or combo skin since it causes no breakouts.

Dan Kern’s Regimen Gel:
This is a fabulous godsend for all those who are stricken with fat, ugly blemishes more frequently they would like. It’s a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide gel cream that Dan’s website gives specific directions on how to use to make it effective. And, effective it is. Applied once a day, my skin is now the clearest it has ever been.

Kristi’s Favorite Charity: America’s Second Harvest

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  1. Tricia says

    I wear dreadlocks and this brand of Jojoba oil is great on my hair.  I didn’t realize how wonderful this stuff is.

  2. Evette says

    Totally love Dan Kern’s regimen. I’ve also added Jojoba oil to my regimen and it has worked wonders. I’m still working on getting rid of my hyperpigmentation, but I know time heals all wounds. Nice post!

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