Reader Tip: HOT FIND on Lucky Jeans!

From faithful TBF reader Michelle—

Today, I found a pair of Lucky Jeans at Lord & Taylor for $9.99 markdown from $98.00!! I received an additional 20% off from a coupon I got from signing up on their web site (or So the final price was $7.99!!! I also picked up this very cute army green Lucky jacket with flowers on the back for $29.59, the origianl price, $148.00! I always find great deals at Lord & Taylor!  Last fall, I found Buffalo jeans, Calvin Klein jeans, and Ralph Lauren capris for $4.99!!!

TBF Note: I love Lord and Taylor and I’m sadden that they are either being sold or turned into Macy’s. **a single tear trickles down her face**


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  1. Daniella says

    I know what you mean.  My mother and I are devoted L&T shoppers (stepdad jokes that he’s gonna claim L&T as a dependent on his taxes).  I have never found such quality clothing at reasonable prices.  I’m not a big TJ Maxx or Marshall’s fan (I know, I know).  I like to have a pleasant shopping experience, not a scavenger hunt.  The downtown Philly Lord and Taylor was gorgeous and had great Christmas time traditions.  And I knew how to shop their sales.  Got a prom dress there for 40 bucks, a 150 blazer for 16, 70 dollar pants for 4.99.

    Needless to say, I’m in mourning.

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