Read Green: Go Green

We all know how much online magazines rule. Some of the old guard still hang onto their “print only” mentality, but many more are getting with the green program. Zinio is helping the oldies come into the 21st century by creating the The Read Green Initiative wherein traditional print mags are made available online for your reading pleasure. What’s more, with the launch of Go Read Green, they’re offering a free subscription to anyone who shows up.

You can choose anything from Parenting to Penthouse — they’ve really got something for everyone. And all you have to do is provide an email address. No credit card, no “bill me later,” no other hijinks. Sign up, read your pub choice online or download it for later. Every month you’ll get a notification your issue is ready and you can enjoy your periodical on your PC (or Mac). And did we mention it’s free? It doesn’t get more cost effective than that, readers.

The interesting thing about this initiative is that instead of getting an online version of the magazine, you actually flip through the pages (ads and all) like it’s in your hot little hands. So you’re getting the full experience, minus the smudged ink left on your fingers. Head over to Go Read Green, browse the available titles and start saving the earth and the magazine industry today. God knows they both need it.

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