Rafe Joins Target with a Limited Lower Priced Line

Target now carries a lower priced line of bags from the designer Rafe. The pleather bags, which range in price from $19.99 for a wallet to $49.99 for the hobo shown above, are similar in design to Rafe’s standard, $400+  bags. However, the bags are not the best quality and $40 bucks is a bit much to spend for a pleather handbag of questionable quality. Tahesha, my lovely assistant, purchased the $19.99 wallet and had to return it several times due to a variety of quality issues (the little zipper pull tab was missing, a pocket wouldn’t snap, etc.). No wonder they’ve kept the line hush-hush.

P.S. Just in case you missed the commercials- Behnaz’s new line is now available at Target. I snatched up the lace duffel bag.


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  1. LoveLife says

    I am glad to see Target is carrying even more styles for a better price!  I would rather get trendy clothing from Target, than Forever21.  YAY Target!

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