Rachel Pally to Design Plus Size Line

Jersey knits designer Rachel Pally will premiere a plus size line this fall a Nordstrom department stores. According to WWD, the line will be “filled with Empire-waist dresses, wide-leg trousers and her other signature looks for the fall.”. Prices will start around the $20 and go up (way up from there).

My opinion: Cheers for another plus size line, but enough with the jersey knits

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  1. Camille says

    I so agree! No more jersey knits! Where is it written that Plus-Size Women only look good in Jersey? In fact I think a more fitted look is optimal for a plus-size figure. But hey nobody asked me…lol!

  2. Too2 says

    It’s not so much the jersey I mind, as the “Empire-waist dresses, wide-leg trousers” and other flowy things that makes one end up looking like a pregnant tent!  Enough already, I’ve got curves, give me something to show them off in!!

  3. T says

    Exactly. Yay for more choices, but stop with the jersey knits.  And please, please, please for the love of Pete stop with the empire waist dresses.  Those of us who are busty look HORRIBLE in them.

  4. manasvi says

    I adore Rachel Pally’s jersey knit dresses, they are so chic. I’m happy that shes expanding her talent to my fashionable plus size sistas. Can’t wait until her line hits the sales/clearance racks.

  5. DJW says

    I too don’t mind the jersey dresses or empire waist…I just bought a BCBGirls dress from Nordstrom that looks similar. I was lucky enough to call a Nordstrom store in the South (though I am in NYC) and was told that it was on its way back to the .com and would be on sale…2 days later, I snagged it!

  6. Michelle says

    Yay for Plus sizes! But I do agree – enough with the jersey knits. Why is it so hard to find 100% cotton plus size dresses? And why oh why must all plus size dresses be cut in the “empire-waist” style?

  7. Lisa says

    Oh, my gosh. I so agree with you on the jersey knits. Its as if they can’t make clothes with just plain ole’ cotton for plus size women. you took the words right out of my mouth. Also, If I see another dress for plus size women with polyester and spandex, I am going to scream. Its as if there are no other comfortable fabrics to use. I mean the jersey knit is nice and what woman doesn’t want a little spandex, but damn, my whole wardrobe should not be filled with stretchy material.

    But I am happy another good designer is doing a plus size line.

  8. michelle says

    If I see one more jersey kiot, empire waisted maternity top look alike, I think I’ll scream! When will designers get it? We look great in structured clothing!!!! AARgh! So I guess that’s a nay for me.

  9. Xsyntriq says

    I’m with Camille, Too2, Lisa, and michelle – a “Yay!” with a caveat :c)

    I tried to take a peek at the article on WWD and all I was able to view was:

    Pally, Nordstrom Team for Plus Size

    Wednesday, June 27, 2007

    By Khanh T.L. Tran

  10. Patrice Teilmann says

    If you’re not a fan of jersey, you won’t like Rachel Pally’s designs since it’s based on jersey fabrics.  I own two Rachel Pally tops and a dress and it’s very high quality fabric with a terrific drape and very soft.

  11. says

    Yeah, I agree with that. ENOUGH WITH THE JERSEY KNITS. Can we see some structure? Nothing like a plus size woman with extra curves (I’m talking rolls not hips) with cheap fabrics drawing attention to them.

  12. Amy says

    I’m plus size (16/18W), too and I think it’s interesting that in several comment sections on TBF, my plus size sisters complain about not having options, then when new options are presented, they still complain. High quality, substantial jersey knits CAN be flattering on certain plus-size shapes, not necessarily all. Just because something is “plus size” doesn’t mean it will or should look good or fit EVERY plus-size woman. We need to learn what works for our individual bodies and styles and go from there.

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