Quinoa: Organic Food

A grain native to South America, quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) was once called “the gold of the Incas,” who recognized its value in increasing the stamina of their warriors. Quinoa is high in protein, and the protein it supplies is a complete protein, meaning that it includes all nine essential amino acids.

It’s also a good source of magnesium, iron, copper and phosphorous, meaning it can offer benefits to sufferers of migraine headaches, diabetes and atherosclerosis.

Enjoy the crunchy and chewy texture and nutty, earthy flavor as a whole-grain substitute for rice with a stir-fry dinner, or as a hearty replacement for breakfast oatmeal (mix in some cinnamon and brown sugar for a sweet treat).

Now’s a great time to try quinoa. Amazon is offering four 26-oz packages of Bob’s Red Mill Organic Whole Grain Quinoa for $24.80 (31% off).

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