Pyrex and Corelle Love: Entertaining on a Budget

(This vintage Gooseberry Pyrex bowl set is available from domestikate’s Etsy shop for $44)

The perennial problem of entertaining: How do you make a casserole look good? Let’s be honest, some of the best food, isn’t pretty. Green bean casserole, au gratin potatoes, the foods that made your guests feel comfortable, full and completely at home can often look a little bland on the table.

vintage Corelle cups
A simple delicious meal in a vintage Pyrex casserole dish can make a dinner party go from drab to fab. These cups are for sale on StephieD’s Etsy site for $9.00.

These fun funky dishes are not only fabulous, but they are also sturdy and hold up. We know someone who has had her Corelle for almost 50 years and it is still going strong. After our Crate and Barrel dishes began chipping, we started buying Corelle, and have never looked back.

Even collectable Pyrex and Corelle are amazingly affordable with prices that rarely top for bigger pieces $20. Plus, finding them can take you to a lot of fun places like Etsy, Ebay, your grandma’s basement, and some fabulous garage sales.

Or if old dishes aren’t your thing, Corelle has some fabulous dishes for bargain prices. We love to mix and match shapes, patterns, and sizes for a truly fabulous dinner table.

Here are some of our favorite meals to make in Pyrex and serve up in Corelle:
Green Bean Casserole (no cream of mushroom soup required!)

Macaroni and Cheese (a little different than the box)

Au Gratin Potatoes (add some garlic for extra yum)

Thinking about getting your hands on some Corelle and Pyrex? Here are some great sites for you to check out.
Pyrex and Corelle Web site

Corning Ware buying guide

Pyrex Love

Pyrex Panic

Pyrex on Ebay

Corelle on Ebay

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