Put Cork on it: The Look for Less

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Cork is the new hot aesthetic for your home. Cork is harvested from cork trees without hurting the tree or cutting it down. So it is a sustainable and renewable resource and this functional and earth-friendly material is being crafted into everything from trays to place mats to give your home a natural look. From place mats to pencil holders, here is how you can get this fabulous look for $60 and under.

Use these interlocking cork pieces (pictured above) to create coasters or a trivet. This fabulous sustainable design is fun and at $19.99 fits your budget.

Target also has a lovely cork board tray kit for $39.99. Collect your old wine corks and put them in this special tray and cover with the special Plexiglas cover and recycle in a fashionable way.

Target has a cork trivet set of three round cork mats for just $8.99. These simple cork circles can be used to decorate your table top and protect it from hot dishes and beverages.


This fabulous reversible placemat is both eco- and budget-friendly. Buy it at Crate and Barrel for just $4.95.

Uncommon Goods has a rugged cork pencil holder that reminds you to be natural with its rough hewn bark from a cork tree. Enjoy it for $22.

We found a lovely cork tray from Branch; however, it is $150. There is a less expensive version over at Viva Terra for $59 (pictured above).

Also, if you are considering putting in new flooring, many stores now sell cork flooring. Cork is also fun to put on your walls to create a large bulletin board. You can find rolls of cork for around $12 at your local craft store and make your own trivets, coasters, or trays.

What have you done with cork? Let us know in the comments.

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