Pumpkin Centerpiece: The Look for Less


We’d love for our home to look like some of the showrooms you see in high-end furniture and accessory stores, but it can be expensive. Not to mention the guilt we’d feel if we let a single piece of dust or (heaven forbid!) a pile of clutter to collect on top of said fancy furnishings.

No, we like the more non-fussy type of decorating – and the simpler, the better. So with fall’s arrival and the Halloween holiday nearing, here’s a clever idea for decorating with the season – on a budget:

Simply take some graduated sized bowls — or even tea cups or candle holders — and top them with mini pumpkins or gourds (if you didn’t happen to grow any of your own this year, you can pick these up for next to nothing at local farmer’s markets, nurseries, or even frequently at your regular grocery store). Voila – a fancy looking centerpiece or side table decoration that literally takes seconds to achieve – and only costs pennies as well!

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  1. Lynn says

    Hmmm….thinking a photo or two might help illustrate the concept. I like the idea, but need some visual inspiration.

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