Easy Savings is one of the more aptly-named web sites out there. It collects tons of promotions that today’s “recessionista” can put into motion. Retailers like Target, Couture Candy,, Busted Tees, Old Navy, and Lane Bryant are all represented.

Easy Savings with

Some deals are golden (like $20 off first-time orders of $100+ at, while others are small ($5 off purchases of $50 or more). In some cases, gives you the magic word to seal the deal. But a lot of the time, it simply advertises a sale or coupon offer you could have found directly on the retailer’s site yourself.

What’s appealing about is how organized it all is. Bargain shoppers can look at promotional codes for shoes, designer fashions, and even plus size clothes. If you’re a “go with the flow” kind of shopper, you can browse the “most used” codes, “free shipping” codes, as well as the newest codes. You can also consider the “staff’s favorites,” but we’re not sure how these are determined, so you be the judge. Note: mostly caters to the online shoppers out there.

Everyone loves a good promotion, but if you’re suckered into buying a $150 dress so you can save $20 on it, when your budget was only $50 to begin with, the site might be a guilty pleasure at best. However, if used right, online shopping is cheaper and easier this way. Our conclusion? is a good budget-conscious bookmark, but you could probably do better.

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