This Year’s Prom Costs Projections: A Whoppin’ $1900


What: Golden Asp, a prom dress retailer,  announced that projected prom costs may skyrocket to $1900 this year, prompting the over-20 demographics to give a collective sigh of relief because their own proms happened way back when times were simpler and cheaper.

What They Say:

“We’re finding that the average cost of prom has been rising 34% per year since 2011,” said Jon Liney, founder/owner of Golden Asp. “Based on that rate, this year, parents and students are projected to spend an astonishing $1,949 on prom – roughly $500 more than last year.”

What We Say: Yes, yes, we get that proms are kind of a big deal for some. But if you (and your prom king or queen wannabe) are willing to part with the romantic “one-night-only” notions that inspire hundred-dollar charges on your card, then we suggest you go through the DIY route to shave off some of the $$$.

  • Professionally done $65 nails? Why not do your own nails a day before the prom and save $50 in the process? Check out TBF writer Sallie’s Gel Nails tut for under $10!
  • Why spend $300 up for a prom dress when you can rent one (and a designer gown at that) for less than $100? Check out Rent the Runway. Or if you really want to buy a prom dress, set your limit to $150 or less, and pick a style that you can easily wear in other formal occasions, such as weddings. These dresses exist. They’re out there.
  • After picking your dress, now’s the time for Mom (or another trusted friend) to help you do your hair. Here’s our guide for picking the perfect prom hair.

Bottom line: there are so many ways for you not to bleed money on prom costs. For more ideas on creating the right prom budget for you, read our handy guide.

If you’d like to see the full 2014 Prom Costs infographic, click here.

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