Prom 2008: The Shoes

Getting the dress is only half the battle; scoring the perfect pair of shoes (definition — super hot and in the budget) is a challenge all its own. No worries, though—click on the slideshow below for our Prom 2008 footwear picks for less:

Klarrisa Sandal, on sale $16.99, Payless

Blondie Heel, $29.50, Alloy

Patent Cut Out Pump, $22.50, Wet Seal

Mossimo Hailey Knotted Strap Heels, Red, $19.99, Target

Metal Mesh Stiletto Slide, $22.99, Charlotte Russe

Klaudette Exotic Sandal, on sale $19.99, Payless

Satin T-Strap Stilettos, $24.99, Charlotte Russe

Mossimo Hypatia Jewel T-Strap Sandals, $19.99, Target

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  1. Eilyd says

    A warning on Charlotte Russe shoes: they tend to run at least 1 size large.  If you have small feet, a size 7 or less, *make sure you try the shoe on.*  I wear a size 6, and I can’t even buy shoes there because they don’t have enough sizes below that to compensate.

    Also, if you live in the south or are comfortable buying shoes online, check out Bealls (  They have a couple pairs of sexy heels for about $25.  One style’s got gorgeous rhinestones on the strap, and looks like that kind you’d pay $150 for at Macy’s.  Their sizes are pretty standard, but if you have a range that you usually buy in, err toward the smaller.

  2. says

    That first pair, from Payless, is really cute. I noticed that there are silver and gold choices, and (judging from the photos on the website at least,) the gold pair appears to be a nice muted gold/nude color (not a tacky, yellowy gold).

    They also look like the heel is a bit lower than some of the others, which can be a lifesaver after a couple hours of socializing and dancing.

    Dang, too bad I’m way past my prom days; I’d love to have an excuse to pick up those shoes!

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