Prom 2008: The Accessories

The perfect prom dress is key, but it wouldn’t be prom night without a couple of gorgeous finishing touches—namely a sparkly piece of jewelry and chic handbag to tie it all together. These picks will keep you looking like a million bucks, for under $40 (and in most cases, under $20) apiece:

Crystal Cuff Bracelet, $27, JC Penney


LaRedoute Creation Embellished Evening Bag, on sale $14.99, LaRedoute

Monet 2 Facted Jet and Marcasite Necklace, on sale $19.99, JC Penney

Rhinestone Ring, $5.80, Forever21

Kane Clutch, $12.99, Payless

Emerald Cut Citrine Lever-Back Earrings, $28.97, WalMart

Pink-Toned Cubic Zirconia Earrings, $39.99, Target

Isaac Mizrahi for Target Bow Clutch, $16.99, Target”>Isaac Mizrahi for Target Bow Clutch, $16.99, Target

Jewel Bead Bracelet, $6.80, Forever21

Metallic Croc Clutch, $17.80, Forever21

Chandelier Door Knocker Earrings, $24.99, Target

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  1. says

    My fave source for unique jewelry is – it’s like an online eBay for crafty/creative people. The variety and quality of the jewelry is great, and every seller I’ve dealt with is really nice and accomodating.

    Plus, many take special orders – so if you like a pair of earrings, for example, but you want them in a different color, they’ll make you a pair just for you. Have fun!

  2. CaitlinV says

    If you’re on a tight budget (or even if you’re not) try asking your friends and relatives if they have something you can borrow. Most women are glad to join in the prom fun and happy that their wrap/necklace/earrings/fill-in-the-blank is getting some extra use. If your family is a bunch of packrats like mine, you might even find some great retro pieces. Just don’t lost or break it!!

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