Project Runway: Yea or Nay?

Wednesday, November 14th marks the premiere of Project Runway’s new season, so what better way to mark the new season of “Mission: Impossible” for fashionistas, than to discuss the relevance of the show.
Yes, the show is great entertainment, but does it have any relevance in the world of fashion? It seems that when the season ends, so does the careers of the contestants (and hosts?).  None of the winners or losers has made a splash in the fashion word. In fact, 90% of the audience at fashion week is full of alumni from Project Runway and America’s Top Model, milling around trying to look important while watching other people’s shows.  It’s also painful to watch Tim Gunn, who is like my gay boyfriend (well at least in my head), trying to makeover Long Island housewives on his Bravo TV show. He’s too good to be in a ‘What Not to Wear” rip off. 

Regardless, I have my DVR set for 10pm on Wednesdays. Anyone who can make a garment out of garbage in less than 24 hours, deserves to be watched.

Note: Heidi Klum is really THAT beautiful in person and she’s also pretty cool.

So, Project Runway: Yea or Nay?

photo: Celebrity