Project Runway Video Game Confirmed


What: We blogged about a Project Runway video game for the Wii a while back, and now it’s been confirmed and will even feature appearances by Heidi Klum and Michael Kors. Would-be gamers can look forward to March 2nd, when the game is released.

What Says: The game puts players in the role of the show’s contestants, taking on theme challenges and designing the garments, getting their models dolled up with hair, makeup, and accessories, and eventually taking on the role of catwalk queen as they strut down the runway in their own creations.

What We Say: The video game industry is humongous, but so far, it hasn’t targeted the average female too much. With new family-friendly consoles like Wii and games like Project Runway, however, that’s about to change. This news comes just as we caught word about a new fashion-focused game called Street Style Memory. While it’s an old-fashioned board game, this tell us that there is a market for fashion games and what better platform than Wii, or even XBox and Playstation?

Are you excited about the Project Runway video game? Would you get into video games if there were more centered around fashion?

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  1. Ayofemi says

    Yes! Yes! and Yes! again. I LOVE Project Runway!!! I just bought a Wii fashion game for my 4 yo granddaughter(ok, myself) called Imagine Fashion Party. We haven’t played it yet. Looking forward to the Project Runway game.

  2. says

    Yes! Even my awfully macho husband has learned a lot about fashion from Project Runway, and I know he’d play with me if I bought it. We have so many Wii games–the only one I really like to play is Cook or Be Cooked. I don’t think I’d buy a game based on a show like, say, What’s Not to Wear, but I’d totally trust one from Project Runway.

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