Project Runway Coming to Wii

What: A “Project Runway” video game is currently in the works over at Atari, and it should be released in 2010. Players will get to create their own fashions, and even show them off on a virtual runway.

What We Say: Move over celebrities…us “average” fashionistas can design clothes now, too! We think this game could be way more fun than Wii Tennis, and we might even use it just to get ideas pre-shopping.

Do you have a Wii, and if so, will you buy the “Project Runway” game?

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  1. Rocki White says

    I do have a Wii, and I will buy this game!!! I had a similar game but the gameplay was so awful that I traded it in for store credit. I also have a fashion design game for my hand held Nintendo DS. Yes, I’m a grown woman of 37 but I love these video games.

  2. Amanda says

    I have a Wii and would totally buy this game. And like the other poster, I too have a Nintendo DSi. Games are a great way to relieve stress.

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