Project Runway at Steve & Barry’s

project runway steve and barry

The Sarah Jessica Parker Bitten/Project Runway outfit is now in Steve & Barry stores

On Episode 2 of Project Runway, the designers were asked to design an outfit for the Sarah Jessica Parker Bitten line at Steve & Barry’s.  (read SJP vs.TBF). Well the winning outfit, a cotton trapeze dress with an attached necktie, is now available in Steve & Barry stores.

In my opinion, the dress is just okay. It looks adorable on the model, but it’s not so hot on a real person, especially if you’re busty. Available in two colors (black and cranberry), the material is a cheap cotton broadcloth- which isn’t really practical for the winter. It’s so much more of an early spring dress.
photo: Bravo TV

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  1. says

    Steve and Barry’s is really hit or miss. I’m not sure about this dress. I did however buy the dark purple jersey-ish dress by Bitten…it was in stores about a month ago—pretty cute with tights and mid-calf boots.

    My friend showed up at the door the other day in a beautiful new blue puffer jacket that I thought HAD to be J.Crew. It as Steve and Barry’s and she got it for under $10…unbelievable.

  2. Judy says

    I agree…this looked WAAAYYY cuter on the runway than it does here. However, even on the runway I questioned whether all women could wear this.

  3. says

    i loved Victorya’s design, but will have to see the steve n barry’s version in person to judge quality/fit – almost everything else in the Bitten line has been subpar so far (to put it nicely!)

  4. Amy says

    Wow! You REALLY hate the Bitten line, huh? Is it really “cheap” cotton broadcloth or just cotton broadcloth? You have yet to say anything positive about the line—other than giving her props for offering it up to size 22 (I echo those props). I actually saw this in store the other day and they had it styled over skinny jeans with the vest buttoned and it was much cuter. Not my style but definitely could work on certain body types. And there are plenty of climates where this look is perfectly fine for winter. It’s going to be 78 in Phoenix today.

  5. Lette says

    I went to Steve and Barry’s yesterday (the Source Mall in Long Island) where this outfit was on display. I don’t watch project runway and I don’t like this dress. It looks and feels cheap and I must agree if you are busty or even a full figured woman you will look a hot mess in this.

    I saw the puffy jackets they had on sale for $10 and bought one.  With todays weather the jacket came in handy. I plan on buying a few more for Christmas gifts…$10 you can’t beat that. But the sign did say the sale can end without notice.

  6. Monica says

    I think the dress is cute on he model,and it might look cute on thin teen girls ,but as far as grown women with a little weight on them I don’t think it will be very flattering.
      I thought the idea that they needed to design something ALL women could wear was not a very good one. Not all women can wear the same thing and look good. Some women are thin,some are busty others not so much,etc,etc. You can’t expect to make one outfit that would look good on all. Not to mention different tastes. This was a bad challenge for PR.

  7. vintage_mck says

    I had to check this dress out last night and I tried it on with various accessories – it failed on every level.  This dress is not for a woman with any type of curves – and the fabric is thin and itchy.  Beautiful in concept, poor in execution.

  8. says

    I call it as I see it and I do know a thing or two about garment construction and fabric. I’m not just some random blogger hating on SJP (whom I actually like).
    Compared with other budget lines- the quality isn’t there. I would rather pay $5 more for a garment that I can wear for the entire year, than for a garment that will shrink within the first wash.

  9. Michelle says

    Re: the sizes going up to 22…

    It’s all relative, really.  I don’t have a nearby S&B;, but a friend who does went to try some things on.  She typically wears a 12 or 14, but couldn’t fit into a 20 in the Bitten line…

    Has anyone else found that the sizes run very small?

  10. trm says

    Well, I for one defend this outfit! I bought the cranberry dress and gray vest and love them. It works well for me (a petite shortie). I can wear it with the vest or take the attached scarf and cross it across my back and tie it in the front under my bust to create an empire waist. I plan to wear it with black over-the-knee socks and my black Isaac Mizrahi patent leather booties.

  11. Erin says

    I have to say, I love SJP and PR so I was dissapointed in the Bitten line and especially this piece. I am normally a large (but busty) and I tried it on with a major flaw I have found in a lot of the Bitten line—the sleeves don’t fit around my arm!! Now, I don’t have thin arms but this is just unreal! It hits around the elbow, one of the few places I can say with confidence is NOT fat or chubby on me but yet I still couldn’t get my arm through. Overall, the Bitten line works well for thin people—just because they make the bigger sizes doesn’t mean they work (and I’m only a 10!)

  12. Anonymous says

    Cathy, you’re right about adjusting expectations a bit for a cheaper price, but at the same time, the whole “concept” behind Bitten is supposedly that it’s great fashion at a price everyone can afford. But if the quality is just not good, is that great fashion?

  13. April says

    Not sure why some give TBF such a hard time about her review of this line. I’ve read all of the posts, and her assessment is dead-on. It is a boring line, and it does look cheap.

    To echo what many have said, why not save your money and buy one versatile shirt for $30 instead of four crappy shirts that will fall apart in the wash? I’m not interested in a budget line that is low quality, no matter how cheap it is.

    And this dress? It’s not even flattering on the MODEL. Doesn’t leave much hope for the rest of us who aren’t 6 feet tall and a size zero.

  14. says

    trm- as a petite shortie I can see the dress looking good on you because you can wear it more as a dress and less as a long tunic. At 5 ft 10 inches and a healthy sized chest, I looked at least 7 months pregnant.

    I agree with Angela- it’s not about price, but value. I think some of the other stuff in steven and barry’s, especially the ts, work out wear and coats from the Dear line, are pretty great. I bought a “down” jacket for $9.99.

  15. sher says

    The dress looked worst than any tent I could have purchased from Big 5. I wear a size 12, but I looked like I was ready to drop triplets. I thought it was so cute on project Runway.

  16. cathy says

    I saw this in the store the other day and wondered who would even try it on.  It looked so unappealing on the hanger.  I’ve gotten a few things from the Bitten line and feel OK about it.  What can be expected for such a low price?

  17. Wendy says

    I have yet to see the dress and vest combo, but I have seen a lot of the Bitten line and agree that the quality and “style for all” doesn’t seem to be the catch-phrase of the collection. I DID purchase a pair of jeans and a button up strech 3/4 length black collared shirt that seem pretty decent and I have washed them and they kept their shape and color. I did notice a bit of the size difference that some of you have noticed. I’m usually a size 12-14 5’5 38c/d and I bought some stuff in a 16 and the shirt in an xl. On a last note, my mom is a quality fiend. We were never rich, but she always taught me to shop quality fabric (she’a an avid sew-head) when the price is right. So, I will be concentrating on finding nicer items from better quality stores when they go on sale.

  18. says

    I agree about the quality—or lack thereof. I’m so careful putting on my purple jersey dress for fear of ripping the seams..hahahaa…

    Do you think it’s subpar to Old Navy quality? I can’t decide yet. But shoot, if you need a t-shirt with a tacky message, S and B’s the place for you.

  19. b. says

    I tried the dress on and was unsure at first.  A girlfriend at work was wearing it the next day, and she convinced me to go back and try it again.  I loved the shape, the whole drapey volume thing was kind of cute, but I thought the whole sleeve issue was odd.  I had to unbutton the sleeves even in an XL which was too big everywhere else.  My friend bought the S because the XS sleeves were too small for her too.  I wore it the next day, and I loved it.  You definitely need the vest.  We both felt it was the added touch that helped emphasize your waist and your shape.  But neither of us bought the vest that came with the dress on the show.  When I tried the original vest, I couldn’t close the XL!  I’m large on top, but not that large.  I bought the navy vest, and my friend bought a cord vest.  Both worked fine. 

    I will say that the fabric is very cheap.  It’s definitely a $20 dress.  My plan is to buy a spare and take it apart, use it as a pattern, and sew a new one with a better fabric, maybe even a nice knit jersey.

  20. Crysti says

    I bought this dress the other day in “cranberry” even though its more like purple, and here in LSU country that works wonders! I had a gray vest from the 70’s that was my mother’s vest and I wore footless gray tights underneath it with ballet flats in a gray houndstooth pattern. It was so cute and people at work kept asking where I got it from. I am an average size person about 5’5” and a size 5-6. My only compaint is the sleeves, very tight around my arms.

  21. Laura says

    I tried the dress on this week and it looked terrible – too shapeless for anyone with curves, and too short for anyone over age 22.  I’m not totally anti-Bitten yet, but there’s a reason it’s all selling for so little.  The materials are terrible.  That said, the jeans fit me well and I could see buying a trendy piece or two every now and then when I know it will only be in style for a few months.

    Also, I agree with others that the sizes run very small.

  22. MizHalsegan says

    Finally went to D&B;to check out Bitten. Sorry, but it is a nay. The quality is just not there. The line looks junky. Target clothes do a much better job of giving value for inexpensive prices. I like SJP too, but this venture is not doing much for her brand or reputation.

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