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  1. hsk says

    I think it is cute. Looks like a great vacation bag, weekend bag, beach bag. Don’t think it would be so great for the office or anything serious. Like you, I hope the trim is leather. Great price for a lower end designer bag. The colors are too Fun!!

  2. says

    i think i would have preferred it without the brown trim…i love the pink and purple which are super spring/summer cute but the brown trim, faux or not is throwing me off.

  3. says

    This is a cute bag with a great color combo for spring.
    In my town, Target is the cutest, most trendy store.
    Everything else is Lily, A&F, and Belk’s and Dillards.  Those stores are either full of jeans with holes in them for nearly 100 bucks or too stuffy for my tastes.
    So I love Target.

  4. says

    With anything at Target, it’s always one or two details off from what would make it a good buy, IMO. Yes, it needs to be leather…and frankly, I HATE the wooden handle. The handle will make it hard to carry in some situations, and highly impractical for the places I would go on a regular basis – it needs to be over the shoulder and usable.

  5. says

    Oh Yeah, this is really cute.  I could totally swing it with a white sundress for a casual outing.  It’s the right spice for more plain outfits.

  6. m~elizabeth says

    I think it is a cute bag.  That being said, I, along with others hope the trim is leather.  I like wooden handles as well.

    Personally, I wouldn’t buy it because I find that fabric bags get dirty so easily and are hard to clean.

  7. chris says

    Almost $40 for that? Don’t particularly like it & it doesn’t look like it’s worth that much (this is at Target, by the way!) For that price, it should have REAL leather. And I really don’t like the brown “leather” w/the fabric & trim colors. It just looks “off”.

  8. says

    I’m all for funky color combos – but it gets a Nay from me based on this picture. Something about the brown trim I’m not enjoying – maybe because I’m imagining it’s not really leather? I think I’ll have to see it in person…

  9. greenofbean says

    I would like it more if it didn’t have the shiny, patent leather-looking purple parts. It just doesn’t look right on this bag, makes it look like it’s trying to do too many trends at once

  10. says

    Big yay, because it’ll be on clearance soon enough.

    I have been loving Target’s accessories in that GO line.  I spent full price for the Behnaz bag, and it’s been wonderful.  I lucked out and got the Luella Cherry Duffel for $7.50 and it has been wearing like iron.

  11. Alex says

    ICK!!!  I just don’t like it.  I can buy a higher end bag on sale at Macy’s that looks better than that for a better price.

  12. Tisheeny says

    This bag is too busy.  The colors are very distracting.  Yucky!  I think if they got rid of the pink and purple it would look nice.

  13. B. says

    I found the Froogle back door.  Some things looked cute, including the linen handbag.  I definitely preferred it over the pink.  There was also a beautiful kimono top dress in white and turquoise that I thought might be nice if it’s not junior sized.

    Question: how much control do you think the designers have over their products?  Do they get to handle the bags and the clothes and the shoes?  Do they really look at the pieces, or do you think it just gets approved by someone in the studio?  I know the video on the website shows Isaac looking at his pieces in the showroom, but some of the shoes look so cheap up close.


  14. Sarah says

    Eewwww. that’s so ugly!
    seriously, go to the coach outlet
    and buy a coach purse, they’re not
    that bad, and they are so much better

  15. cori says

    I’m not really digging the pink color…but I like the bag shape and the leather….$39.99 seems kind of high for something so trendy….

  16. phyllis says

    Looks nice for the summer.However if the trimming is leather then i would definately consider getting it.Are there other colours?

  17. phyllis says

    Looks nice for the summer.However if the trimming is leather then i would definately consider getting it.Are there other colours?

  18. Emily says

    This could work except for the bright purple strip at the top. Of course, it all depends what your outfit is and where you’re carrying the bag.

    Everyone can view the full Proenza line up close by going to Froogle and typing in “Proenza Schouler” then clicking “Target” for the retailer. Target uploaded the full line to their website but until it is formally released you can only get in through the back door!

  19. B. says

    I love Target.  Absolutely love it.  I’ve loved the Go International lines, and the Rafe handbags, and especially Isaac Mizrahi’s early stuff.  But come on!  That bag looks so cheap.  The leather is so fake.  And those teeny tiny handles?  I’m thinking this is a bad sign for Proenza Schouler.  Everyone else had cute, inventive handbags (especially Benaz and Luella) that were still fabulous because they didn’t rely on pleather accents.

  20. susannah says

    Please tell me, where did you get the links to these? I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of proenza schouler’s line at Target, yet I haven’t been able to find any of the items online yet. I can’t find your bags without the links you gave us. How are you able to find the links? There are a million cute things I’m looking forward to buying from the collection.

  21. Erics says

    The brown should go, and maybe if the purple trim on top went where the brown is, it could be a nice summer looking bag

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