Spa Chocolat, $22

What: Sabina reviews Spa Chocolat: a set of three products: whipped body souffle, sugared body polish and a face mask, all in one shamelessly girly, candy pink package.

The Lowdown: I have to admit to being impressed by the fact that all three products in this set had the consistency, smell and taste of real chocolate (yes I did taste the body souffle although I don’t think you’re supposed to.) And because Spa Chocolat is made with lots of cocoa butter, these sweet treats are miraculous moisturizers. The product in the package I enjoyed using the most was the ultra light body soufflé. Using that in the shower, followed by the body polish with scrubby sugar crystals was really fun in a decadent Willy Wonka fantasy kind of way.  I may not have been serenaded by any Oompa Loompas, but I did get to cover my entire body in chocolate! (I highly recommend that everyone try this once just for kicks and giggles. It’ll make you feel like a kid.)

What I wasn’t so thrilled with was the rejuvenating face mask, which had the consistency of packed fudge. Getting it off after waiting 10 minutes with it on proved to be a bit difficult. After rinsing (which is normally all you need to do to remove a mask if you give it a few minutes) stubborn mud remained. Then I had to break out the big guns: two different kinds of face cleanser and my Halal body soap.

Yea or Nay: Try it if you’re bored with your current bath products, but be warned: After the novelty of rubbing chocolate on oneself wears off, the smell becomes a distraction.

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