Proctor & Gamble eStore Coming Soon

What: Ubiquitous manufacturer Proctor & Gamble has a pretty exciting eStore concept in the works. This spring, you might be able to purchase a host of health and beauty products – from brands like CoverGirl, Max Factor, Herbal Essences, Olay, and even Gucci – directly from the manufacturer.

What They Say:

P&G wouldn’t say whether the eStore’s prices would beat those in stores or on websites that also sell competitors’ products, such as But shipping initially will be at a flat rate of $5.

What We Say: Proctor & Gamble has put together shopping sites like this before, but usually on a much smaller and more limited scale. This definitely has some money-saving possibility, and might give flailing brands that we love the extra exposure they need, but in order for it to work, shipping will need to be free and prices must be cheaper than those found online at stores like

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